Januar 2019


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 How you did it? Over and over I got to hear this question.

And like always the answer is not an easy one to give.


Once again the question of "HOW" was transfered to me. This time thru my Publishing Company "Fempress Media". And this time I really dived in, to find answers and tell the story of my career. As one of 25 Co-Authors I´m proud to be part of this great book. 



Writing this Book I discovered just how far I came. Nothing in life is to be taken granted. And although my health is challanging me, I´m blessed with the happenings life offered me. And as long my heart is beating my journey isn´t over.


Maybe you think "well she isn´t trapped in my shoes". Thats true, and I often find myself using this sentence. But that doesn´t change anything at all. What it took to keep me going as my whole world broke apart, I will share with you in this book.


And if you don´t find yourself in my story, there are 24 other great authors telling there truth.



No matter wich profession we have, we all united thru our journeys, not giving up - no matter the outcome.


"How you did it" gives you a glimpse behind my curtain without any mask or make-up - 20 years glammer and rubbish, merciless illuminated  by the great Master-Spotlight


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Love, Light & Abundance

yours Mary