Mary did yoi know - Part 2

The only thing is still to see, 
Is that outfit of that older me.
It suggests i was the clown, and sometimes I still wear it and movin around. 

My eys still on fire, pitchblack like my soul. So what ever the color or shade that I touch. 
I now know better, but better means better and never to much. 

And while my body is fallin in a never ending  well. My souls like a feather, climbing thru hell. 
But nobody will see and I will never tell. 
Just this few lines, would be all I could to spell.

So please think again If you expect who I am
I sure would applause you, for all your believes 
but in the end it will be another damn grief

The clown left behind all his makeup and Nose
Left that costume, for what he’s supposed
Go on, now just lay down that dying rose, 
Near by my casket, empty just fading cloths. 

Some say it’s sad to find that empty box of Joy
But look the box isn’t empty, it still turns and make sounds like a toy

Who am I, or who is me, 
I want no answer, of who will it be 
I just want my freedom to live all my parts
Never ruled by another, no tricks in my arts.

So you think it’s a sad melancholic story I told
Not to be written for the long needed laughs.
Well please look again, strip off, the attachment of gold, you could find the other half’s.

More and more and more again, 
It’s never just two, to be searched for and found. Some pains just changed, some just made a sound, the loyale even stays forever around. 

Your inner kingdom is there far beloved home
My dear clown you was, and will never be alone. 
So Take a Deep breath and step all inside you to see, although you are freezing, you live and you free. 

You don’t have to know it, but trust  everything’s clear.  You way much stronger, like your outside appear. 

Hell is glowing much to cold, 
but like in that old magic Story, 
you could catch fire to the snow. 

That fire will follow you wherever you go, keeps your body for brand.
Therefor you already know, accept your own fears just go with the flow. 
Unknown Your path in the front of your sight, 
But trust in yourself, that someday there’s your land. 
Neverland - maybe, or not. 
it’s always your needed, perfect spot.
Wherever you are, wherever you go - take your own timing, if faster or slow. 

This little decision, just changed the whole game.
The futures not written, but it’s written my name